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"Yakymly kumush suwy" HJ Address: House 42., 2127 street.,Berkararlyk region, Ashgabat, Turkmenistan.

Tel: (+99312) 29 26 62           Fax: (+99312) 29 26 62               email: info@tolkun.tm

   Our organization was established in 2000 and it is one of the oldest soft-drink producing company in Turkmenistan. Throughout all these years, we have gained significant experience in beverage industry and made huge impact on the Turkmen market.

   We use latest technology, fully automated, machineries from Germany, Poland and Iran, which meets full safety standards and environmental friendly. By carefully monitoring all stages of our production line, we are committed to provide highest quality beverages to our consumers.

   Our regional dealers use the advantage of our transportation services to bring our beverages to their distribution points. In addition, Tolkun products are spread all across the country from those distribution points.

   We carefully analyse our customers’ needs and wants in order to meet highest expectations. In addition, we have earned trust and loyalty of our customers with quality products and effective distribution channels throughout the nation.